Low and No VOC Paints for Winter Projects Inside

Painting projects, odor-free

Many weekend warriors and professionals alike appreciate the benefits of working with low and no VOC paints – especially in the winter months. For many who wield a brush and roller as a hobby, and as a profession, one of the wonderful benefits of these paints is the absence of the pungent paint odor. Not only can it fill your home with a less than desirable scent, paint fumes can be a health risk for some. For others, the odor can simply be a nuisance. Next time, remember, low and no VOC paints are perfect for winter projects.

Benjamin Moore paints

Courtesy Benjamin Moore

If you’re wondering about VOC’s and why they stink, you can find your answers here. Most people choose low or no VOC paint because they can not tolerate the odor from traditional latex and oil paints. People with respiratory concerns often select low or no VOC paints as a health interest. Even those with asthma or a sensitivity to latex can benefit from these paints.

Here are a few items to keep in mind when working with low and no VOC paints:

Professionals really like it

Many professionals enjoy working with low and no VOC paints because of the potential health benefits. Today’s painter is much more health conscious and they find low VOC paints cover as well as the traditional paints.

Pay attention to the painting tools you use

The types of rollers and brushes you use matter, regardless of the type of paint. However, sundry manufacturers have come out with new rollers and brushes that are designed specifically for use with low VOC paints. Quality is the big thing when it comes to roller covers and brushes and that you don’t want a cheap roller cover with an expensive paint regardless the VOC levels. That said, be sure to talk to your paint dealer about the best tools to use with your paint.


Courtesy Wooster

Low and no VOC paints have improved

In the past 5-years there have been noticeable improvements to low and no VOC paints. One of the most significant changes made for some low and no VOC paints is the move to water-born colorants. Often, not only does the base paint have VOC’s so too does the colorant. Remember, only when the colorant is no VOC can the paint be truly free of VOC’s.

Not only are low and no VOC paints free from strong odor, they are also a more sustainable product, so if being “green” is an interest, check out these paints and be sure to talk to your local expert who can guide you to the right paint and tools for your project.

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